I designed a button for this blog. It is the most exiciting thing I have ever done. I used the Paint program that came with my computer and my favorite Sad Clown graphic. It took me about five hours, plus two glasses of port, to finish it.

I really don't understand HTML code and am living in constant fear that I am going to enter a piece of bad code that will inadvertently destroy the Internet.

I also have been spending my free time worrying that I am going to crash bl0gspot with the heavy traffic that is no doubt pouring in now that I am sharing my intimate thoughts online. I'm sure it will be only a matter of time before I need to move to a host that can handle the number of hits I am generating.

I have three articles in the hamper right now. Two were sent to Manuel at Improvland and one (a new screenplay) was sent to Amanda at VT.

You may be wondering how I am so prolific. Well, I have discovered that my writing is so great that I never have to edit anything ever. As a matter of fact, virtually everything of mine that ends up online is a first draft. I am that good.

One of the best things about writing a bl0g is that I can share all of these intimate details of my life with all of you. I wish I was you so I could be reading this for the first time.

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