New Public Service Announcement


Every line is said by a different person. The faces should be heavy looking mostly caucasian men, possibly Republicans. Shot in black and white.


Everyone is using it.

I just financed a terrorist today.

I blew up a building.

I was running late, so I took the car instead of the bus.

I helped kidnap Americans.

My car needs a higher grade of fuel to keep the engine clean.

I let the Taliban oppress women.

I blew up ancient Buddhist statues.

My car only gets 20 miles a gallon, but I need the room.

I filled up my tank with gas.

I killed innocent civilians today.

I accepted a campaign donation from an oil company.

Everyone should have a car.

I helped fund the attacks of September 11.

I buy gas.

Cut to: Black Screen.

Words Appear:

When you buy gas and oil, you help support terrorists.

Say no to gas and oil.
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