I used to be a tech-head. It is true. When it came to computer cards, or saving programs on a cassette tape attached to my Tandy, I was the man. No. The man. No, you don't understand. THE MAN.

Anyhow, somewhere around 1989, I stoped paying attention to advances in programing language and, the next thing I know, there were all these things called "applets" and "javascripts" cloging up my screen. Oh, and Ad-ware and Spy-ware.

These days, I am so outclassed when it comes to computers, that even blogger's edit page baffles me sometimes.

The plus side is that, since I don't know how anything works, I am never afraid that I might break something. I am certain of it. Thus, I am able to charge into any given situation without fear.

However, I am baffled as to why Movable Type is screwing up SurvivorBLOG 3. I suspect I could fix it, if only given twenty minutes and a few spare pieces of code, but I could also break it for all time. Wisely, Ben has not enlisted me in the great fight.

Wise is he, indeed.
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