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Today's Prayer

Let us bow our heads.

Praise be to the procrastination god.

May he help us find new ways to avoid the awful things we have to do.

He maketh us to write blog entries while our coworkers aren't looking.

May he watch over us as our boss bursts into our office and asks us, again and again, why we haven't finished that one page report.

He maketh us to seek out headache relief when no headache is there.

May he help us be fast enough to click the minimize button on out Free Cell screen before anyone notices that we aren't working.

He maketh us to forget to write things down.

May he forgive us when we actually do turn something in on time.

He maketh us to use called I.D. so as not to answer unpleasant phone calls.

May he walk by our side when we take the long way from the bathroom back to our desk and keep people from asking where we are going.

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