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Reprinted from Chickenlegs.net - 9/28/02

I try to be pretty open minded about different fetishes. I realize people all like different things. For example, some people get really turned on by feet. Personally, the idea of a foot, even a clean foot on an attractive person, anywhere near my mouth makes me feel a little sick. However, feet have always had something of an allure in certain cultures and among certain individuals. Thus, I can accept that perverts totally normal people are turned on by feet.

There are some fetishes that defy understanding though. Thanks to The Portal of Evil, I am able to find lots of these fetishes first hand. I don't even need to search very hard. I don't recomend actually visiting any of these sites. Thus, without any further ado, I present my list of fetishes that disturb me.
I am trying not to pass judgement on people who get off on any of this stuff, but sweet and sour cripsy Jesus! These people make me sick!

Man, I am going to have to stick an airhose up my butt and inflate my stomach now. Don't laugh. It feels sooooo good.

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