Notebook Glurge 

February Fourteen Nineteen Ninety-Six

(I believe this was a series of automatic writing thingies)

The flower of Western Culture blooms inside my nose. Get me a toothpick, then, Boda lives. Shave your great big forearm with my petite blossom. When it flies from my nose into the handkerchief of desire, I…

Flower of Western Culture
Beavis and Butthead
Dumb + Dumber
Selectively targeted art
Target marketing
Solidarity through diversity
Small world
Fuckin Goofy
Minnie Mouse
Tears of a Clown
Clown Eyes
Sad Eyes
Velvet Clown Print
Doing it by hand
Hand jive
Jibe Talking
Talking About a Revolution
No. 9
Channel no. 5
Love Potion no. 9
No No Nannette
Rocket Man
Eat me
Eat this
Take that, villain
Addicted to Love
Love Potion no. 9
Do you believe in love?
What is love?
What is the meaning of this?
What do I have to do?
Do Do Run Run Run
Run Run Away
Away she goes.
Go Ask Alice
Alice’s Adventures on the Moon
Adventure Magazine
Magazine Girl
Clothes Make the Man
Man of Many Hats
Hat Makes the Man
Make you love me
Love Love Me Do
Do You Love Me?
I Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do
Say Say Say
Paul and Michael
Beavis and Butthead

Culture is a living thing – Nobody can own a living thing (should own?) – ergo Nobody should own culture – throat culture – ENT – I’m dynamite – Dyn-No-Mite – Mighty Mite Mighty Mouse Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – To Live and Die in L.A. L.A. Woman – Woman o’ my dreams dream a little dream of me dream weaver. Sufi weavers – incorporate the mistakes into the overall pattern – doomed to repeat them – Rewind Fast Forward into the future – future tense.

Life can never be exactly as we want it to be. Or not to be. I’ll make a bee line for you baby – See me coming? Like a cannonball right in the middle of your eyes – bury your face in me – inhale my essence – Do you smell what I smell? Smell. Scratch and sniff my soul – one little cut and the odor pours out – the surface is so thin – you can see the fish below the ice. Fishbowl in through your soul – Soul is cold as ice. I’m having green thoughts about this feeling. I feel like something big is happening but I can’t tell what – Just outside the realm of my sense, though the corner of my eye – it rises out of the ocean, proud, and with a single massive swat destroys all that came before – a cultural Armageddon.

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