It was a rough night for Sad Clown Rep Improvisatory Theater tonight.

I was late for our gig at a local establishment here in Erie (which I refuse to name for fear that it might be mistaken as an endorsement). Apparently, my manager, "Kip," at Kinko's thinks that it is more important for me to finish my shift than to create great art. Cretin.

Anyhow, when I arrived, the audience was already getting restless. I decided that I would get the show started right away, so I peeled the other two members of Sad Clown Rep onto stage. Tiffany, who is still not speaking to me, even in scenes, had clearly been drinking, which is a real problem, since she is 16. I need to have a talk with the bartender. Max, the newest member of the group, was already three sheets to the wind.

I don't normally mind when my cast members are drunk, but this was an important gig and I needed them at their best.

Anyhow, we launched into a round of the crowd pleasing "Erotic Sea Shanties" game. I asked the audience to suggest a kind of insect, to which one guy suggested "ass flea." Well, we always go with the first suggestion, so the next thing you know, we are in the middle of a ten minute block of sea shanties about ass fleas.

The audience seemed to be digging it, but the bartender called the manager. Apparently, Christian bar owners are not big fans of ass fleas.

We were fired from the gig. Fortunately, I have found us a new gig at a local liquor store which starts next week.

Time to sleep!
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I am Joey Michaels. Many of you know me from my work with Sad Clown Rep. I have written on Improvland and, on occasion, on the greatest E/N site of all time, Validate This.

I am going to use this bl0g to share stories of my life, my art, and my family.

Look for more information soon!

Hail and farewell!

Joey Michaels
Improv Guru
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