A Brief Song for Lola

Strumming of a guitar - like from a Johnn Cash song - begins

Ken was a cook.
Ken cooked corn.
Corn on the cob, corn on your plate, if you want corn you're not too late.

Dale was his dog.
Dale dug dog food.
Food from a can, food in his dish, every day at five he got his wish.

Then one fine day at a quarter to five
Ken exclaimed, "lordy sakes alive!
There's only one can upon my shelf -
Is it corn or dog food or something else."

Karl was a cop.
Karl could kill you.
He was big and mean, big and fat, three hundred pounds of man in a police hat.

Karl ordered corn.
Ken's cream corn.
Ken opened the can, put it in the pot, Karl would eat but Dale would not.

Ken walked to Karl, Dale lunged for the plate,
Now Karl'd be hungry 'cuz Dale just ate,
The cop stormed to the door said, "be back later."
He returned at nine with his wife's vibrator.

Sarah liked sex.
Sarah's sex was solo.
The next day she used her batteried friend, saying "Lord, this smell's like a dog's rear end."
The end.
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