Hey! So, for the record, I am not competing in this Survivorblog 3 thing for the cash. I go on the record here saying that, should I by some bizarre set of circumstances, last long enough to collect a prize that I will give it to some sort of charity thing. Woot!
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I have now gotten everything I've wanted out of life and can die. I have been selected to compete in Survivorblog 3. This means that I will need to update this blog more often, since it is my main link.

For those of you who have never visted here before, I actually post all over the place. Look for me at:

Bowling for Jesus
Self Hatred
Jenna Springer
My LiveJournal

I also write occasional articles at Improvland, as I am an Improv Shaman.

Anyhow, welcome to Teatro Triste del Clown and I am going to cross my fingers and hope I am not eliminated first.
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