While the Rep continues its pathetic tour across the United States, I have wisely chosen to stay behind in Texarkana with God's people. My people.

I was approached by a shadey government type shortly after Joey revealed that I was still armed on his Live Journal. I must have a talk with him about his loose lips.

At any rate, I thought I was headed back to the slammer for sure. This gentleman, let us call him "V," had me climb into a black Cadillac with no license plates and drove me out to the middle of the desert. There I met with some people from the military. I am not going to name names, but they were people you would recognize the moment you saw them

To make a long story short, they have asked me to form the country's first anti-terrorist improv group.

I am trying to contact some of my fellow patriots from the last meaningful incarnation of Sad Clown Rep, before this "funny" fat group formed. They have even allowed Sgt. Tak to leave prison to help me train our new group. I need a name for the group and will welcome all suggestions. All reasonable suggestions.

More later. Gross out.
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