Where's Joey Now?

For the record, while I will return in triumph to this blog one day soon, you can typically find me writing at the following locations:

For almost daily updates, try My LiveJournal.

For more carefully edited updates in the Unlovely stylee visit Vutant.

When I have something to say about pop culture, there's no place I'd rather put it than SelfHatred.com.

Every day mundane events and stories about LosRicos find their way to Jenna Springer's Dirty Little Secrets.

I am proud to participate in the world's best online community ever, Beef Jerky Good.

When it is up and I have something to say that fits into her expansive world view, I like to add things to Oh Ashley.

Of course, I also support the political rants of my friend Lady Potamus over at Wondergirl.

And my cat, Kitty Michaels, has his own Cat LiveJournal.

Surf Away!
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