I Especially Miss Adebissi's Hat

"Oz," my favorite TV show, comes to an end tomorrow night. I have been watching it from the begining and have enjoyed every dong-filled moment of it. Sometimes, it has been a little silly, but I think of the silliness like Cindy Crawford's mole. Yeah, it is an imperfection, but the imperfection shows off how perfect the rest of it is.

However, I had a dream this morning that I think was inspired by the silliness. In it, the series basically comes to an end with them performing a huge musical number about the injustices of prison life. All of the prisoners, including the hundreds who have been killed, are dressed like characters from "A Chorus Line," doing kicks on a giant set that looks like a wedding cake.

We flash to the last new prisoner being brought into jail, specifically a space alien whose brain is visible through a brain case. One of the prisoners calls him "prag," a word invented by Tom Fontana. He looks sad, for an alien with an exposed brain.

Credits roll. Hwah!

I am hoping it does not end like this, but I am certain that several major characters will die over the course of the episode. I remember, in my dream, that I had come in late, so I asked Laurie what had happened.

"Did Beecher die?"

"No, Keller and Schillinger died."

"Did Keller switch the knives in the 'Macbeth' case so that Beecher would stab Schillinger?"

"No, something else happened."

"What about Ryan O'Reilly?"

"He became a martyr saving Hercules."

"You mean Agamemnon?"

"No. Hercules."

There is no character names Hercules on the series, so, as you may have guessed, my dream is most likely innaccurate.

Anyhow, it was a great show. One of the few to openly show male/male sex in such a totally hot, unpleasant way. Now all we prison rape fans have left is the hope that the whole cast of "The 70's Show" will be busted for pot and placed in jail with a young, pre-death Adebisi from Oz. Hot!
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