I learned about this from the boys at Section-9. They referenced Daejin's website. From there, I learned the the true origin of the "100 Things about 100 Bloggers in 100 Days" project. (visit that site to read how you can be involved!)

With this in mind, here are my 100 things:

1. My real name is not Joey Michaels
2. I was born in Virginia
3. I accept that I might be as anonymous as I think I am
4. I write at a whole lot of websites
5. I was sad to be fired from Validate This
6. I really do do improv comedy
7. I really am a theatre teacher
8. Everything I write on this list is going to be true, to the best of my knowledge
9. I love amusement parks
10. I have three cats, but spoil the black one
11. I drive a Volvo
12. I have a long term girlfriend who has had drug problems
13. I have traveled to Asia
14. I can be passive aggressive
15. I am dyslexic
16. I am a poor speller
17. I was very excited to finally become a member of Metafilter
18. I really like The Loud Family
19. Favorite snack: Rold Gold Pretzels
20. Favorite drink: Diet Pepsi
21. I go to the gym as often as I can to lift weights
22. I am probably not going to tell you my real name
23. I was straight edge in my youth until I realized it had neo-Nazi elements
24. I still love punk rock
25. I also love many other kinds of music
26. I have never been drunk or high
27. I have not always engaged in safe sex
28. I have not always engaged in "safe dating" for that matter
29. I don't have any diseases, unless you count the wart on my toe
30. I am in my 30's
31. It is unusual for me to dislike somebody
32. I am afraid that we are going to war soon so that W. can feel like he is out of his father's shadow
33. I hate the very idea of political parties
34. I don't always think things through
35. I often post things without editing
36. I can never remember if it is spelled "their" or "thier"
37. I am prone to Spoonerisms
38. I wish I had a bigger vocabulary
39. I believe in God, or at least a god, but I'm not convinced any one religion is correct
40. Sometimes I am afraid that there is no God
41. Sometimes I am afraid that people use the promise of life after death to avoid making the world a better place
42. I try to deal with each person as an individual, regardless of gender, orientation, ethnicity, religion, geekiness, etc.
43. I don't always succeed in this
44. My family is prone to skin cancer or I would spend more time outside
45. I am not afraid of death
46. I am afraid of hurting people I care about
47. I have never hit anyone, except my little brother when we were kids
48. I love baseball
49. Heck, I love all sports
50. Sales people often call me "ma'am" when they call my apartment
51. I have no money in savings right now
52. I am thinking of moving to New England
53. I want to visit Vancounver thanks to my friend Amanda
54. I love watching "South Park"
55. I jumped up and applauded at the end of "Pulp Fiction" when I first saw it
56. I love trying new foods
57. I love hot food, but I also like mild food
58. I try to be a good role model to my students
59. I am afraid that they will find some of the stuff I wrote as Joey Michaels and hold it against me
60. I really don't believe that the human body is an inherently beautiful thing
61. I enjoy being vague
62. I would rather walk than drive
63. I hate fast food, but eat it anyways
64. I love playing adventure games on the computer, like the Ultima series
65. I sometimes leave projects unfinished
66. In college, I was an absolute whore
67. If I could have any job in the world, it would be as a DJ at a station where I could play whatever I wanted any time
68. I still feel like an outsider
69. Sometimes I get very depressed for almost no reason
70. Sometimes I get writer's block
71. I would rather be depressed than have writer's block
72. I don't see the dentist as often as I should
73. I love taking a hot shower first thing in the morning
74. Sometimes, I pull my visible nose hairs out with a tweezer
75. When I am sad, I play with my cat
76. I have an enormous comic book collection
77. I would like to be out of debt
78. I worry that I may be incompetent
79. I don't mind if I don't get the credit for an idea I've had
80. I hate getting Spam, but am too lazy to add "remove me" from my e-mail address
81. I miss using USENET
82. I have been online under various names, including "Lyrical" and "Druid," since the Compuserve days
83. I sometimes spend too much time online at work
84. I don't sleep as much as I should
85. I know just enough HTML to get myself in deep, deep trouble
86. I used to write for Ultima Online Stratics as I'thunk and Rock before I burnt out
87. I didn't think Joey Michaels, as a character, would last this long
88. I barely swear in real life anymore
89. Since I turned 30, I sometimes have sex more often in a week than I would like
90. Once, by order of the principal, I had to go through the bags of all of my students looking for alchohol and I hated myself for it
91. I think I can be very diplomatic
92. I sometimes get migrane headaches
93. I hate going to see the doctor
94. I love talking to kids
95. I always try to treat people well
96. I worry that I am egotistical and, in doing so, talk about myself even more
97. I don't always have time to wash my clothes and, thus, have to recycle
98. I am verbose
99. The first concert I saw was The Kinks with Tommy Shaw as an opening act
100. I want to do something positive that people will remember me for
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