The Flesh Tailors
Chapter One

"...Here's Liz Tucker reporting from downtown..."

"Thank you, Karen. Human blood rained down for almost five minutes on a stunned crowd at the base of the nearly finished Klein Building today. Shockingly, there doesn't seem to be any source for the blood."

Detective Steve Major: "Everyone in the building is accounted for and security cameras indicate that nobody had entered the building illegally."

Liz Tucker: "Suspicions that the blood source may have been an aircraft or an accident in a different building were quickly dismissed by detective Major."

"The source of the blood was traced to scaffolding on the ninth floor of the Klein Building. Our CSI team has told us that it was three or four bodies worth of blood. Like I said, all of the workers have been accounted for. Right now, we're working on the assumption that this is just some sort of practical joke."

"Thank you, Detective. Back to you, Karen."


None of them liked the new outfits, least of all Alissa.

"I look like a man," she complained.

"Just get used to it," replied Alexi.

"Where are we going?"

"My apartment," announced Andre, and they all laughed.

"What," he continued, "it's mine now!"

It was a little hard for them to find the apartment - the city was still unfamiliar to them. By the time they got there, it was dusk.

"Let's see what it is like," Andre laughed, throwing open the door.

A woman in a robe stood down the hall, framed by the doorway to the kitchen. Stunned. Angry.

"What are you doing here, Ryan?"

Andre replied, "Uh, this is my apartment."

"I told you, it's over."

"Over what?"

"Are you drunk? This relationship is over."

Alissa announced, "I'm going to change."

"Alissa, no..." snapped Alexi, but it was too late. The body she was wearing collpased to the ground like a grisly balloon. The woman screamed as the gore covered vortex buzzed out of the corpse and towards her. She should have kept her mouth shut - it was exactly the opening Alissa needed.

Blood coated the kitchen as she bored into the woman. It coated the hallways, Alexi, Andre, and the room beyond the kitchen.

"How do I look," asked Alissa through the woman's mouth.

Then the screaming started from the other room. The bed room.

"Alissa, you idiot," hissed Alexi as Andre dashed into the room.

It was too late. The man in the room had rushed down the fire escape and was already vanishing down the alley.

"Well, Alissa, do we abandon the bodies and catch him or just let him run off and tell stories?"

Alissa pouted. "You should have just let me wear a woman in the first place."


For some reason, the main thought that was rushing through Kirk's head was that he didn't want to die without any pants on. Sure, Brenda's robe, Brenda's blood splattered robe, covered him thoroughly, but he always thought he would be wearing pants when he died.

He was reasonably certain that somebody would find Brenda's body and that, when they did, they would remember that he was found running through the streets, screaming, in a robe covered with her blood.

Then he heard the buzzing noise behind him. Blood or no blood, he was going to have to run into the street and start screaming.

Then Brenda was in front of him.


"Look, it is just my ex playing a prank."

"I thought you were... I mean, that you had been..."

"He is just a sick guy. Look, take your pants. Go home. He and I have a lot to talk about."

He tried to embrace her, but she pushed him away. She felt... loose?

"Not here. I'll call you later."

He put on his pants and walked away. Brenda floated up into the sky, back to the fire escape.

"He's dead," Alissa's voice said through Brenda's mouth.

"Where is the blood?"

"I strangled him."

She thought, "No way was I going to get my new clothes dirty. Besides, who would believe him."


A Dodge Colt with two passengers pulled into the parking lot of the Hotel Tourista.

"Shall I draw the money or will you," the driver, a bald man, asked the passenger, a woman with a bandage around her throat. She pointed at herself.

"Fine," he replied, "I'll check us in."
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