I wrote this to post in the Chickenlegs Blogger, but Chickenlegs is so gone that it is hopless.

R.I.P. Chickenlegs

Nobody will ever read this, I'm sad to report.
I'm placing this here as a last resort.
I 'm hoping that Sheila, Jesus, is all right
For her sites went down without any fight.
The world wonders wither hath Sheila fled?
Taking a poop or laying in bed?

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Hey! Kurt Vonnegut rocks!.

Also, new update at Self Hatred.
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Updates this week at Jenna Springer, Bowling for Jesus, Unlovely and my LiveJournal.

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Book Review

This month, I've been reading Journals by Kurt Cobain. Well, when I write "this month," I should stress that I mean, "from time to time when sitting on the toilet."

Actually, the toilet is where I do most of my reading. Sometimes, I can't poop unless I am reading something. I think this is why people write on walls in bathrooms - so that they will have something to read when they poop. The fact that most of the writing is obscene is because the average immature human mind can't write anything more clever than "Josh U. takes it up the ass."

I should also stress that when I write "reading" that I mean "looking at his pictures and notebook covers." I mean, I'm sure many of you have a shelf in a closet somewhere with old notebooks from high school and college. Dude, this so-called "book" is what would happen if you got famous, died and somebody took that shelf of old notebooks and published them as a coffee table book for $99.

We received this book as a gift from Laurie's sister. It is the kind of gift you would give somebody that you know was a Nirvana fan, even though it is also the kind of gift many Nirvana fans would have no interest in owning. Oh, I suppose that there are a few Nirvana fans who would like it - maybe the same ones who would have gone through the dumpster behind the stadium after the concert to look for a Kleenex Kurt used during the show.

I'm not saying that Kurt is a bad writer. No, in fact, all evidence points to the fact that, were he alive today, Kurt could be running one heck of an E/N site. It's just that this was writing that wasn't really intended to be for publication. I mean, they've included his fricken' driver's education notes. There are two pages of pictures of road signs. They've also included lists of songs to include on mix tapes. Oh, and a picture of a living corpse that looks a bunch like "Eddie," the Iron Maiden zombie.

On the plus side, there is no narrative. You can read it in short sections and not feel like you've missed anything. For that matter, you can pretty much start on any page of the book. In this sense, it is an excellent bathroom book - almost as good as Fox Trot cartoon collections, but not quite as good as, say, The VideoHound Movie Retriever Guide.
If you need to poop, I recommend it.
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